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Recensie Niki and The Dove | Positivus Festival 2012

vrijdag 20 juli 2012Salacgriva - Latvia


Malin Dahlstrom, Gustav Karlof and Magnus Boqvist or Niki & The Dove gave one of the most impressive performances at Positivus. The Swedish electropop trio comes on a stage and the first thing to notice is Malin’s colorful and bright outfit next to Gustav’s combination of black & white. They start with Mother Protect from their debut album Instinct immediately followed by their greatest and probably most awaited hit Dj, Ease My Mind.

That strongly excites the audience, and having felt that the band doesn’t hide being overwhelmed and expressing their happiness to play at Positivus. ‘You give us so much love,’ they say and dedicate the next song Tomorrow to the ‘loveable and amazing crowd’. After that Malin offers to climb a hill together in the song The Fox, and then it’s time for the last song - The Drummer when we hear for the last time Malin’s magnificent voice, Magnus’s gifted drum play and Gustav’s hypnotic mastery of keyboards accompanied with some well-studied Latvian words. Niki & The Dove leave the stage with Gustav’s ‘goodbye’ in Latvian (čau, čau) and seem very glad to have played at Positivus. 

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