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Recensie GusGus ★★★★1/2

zaterdag 13 oktober 2018Palladium Riga


It feels a “Lifetime” has passed since GusGus last visited Riga, Latvia. As the lead singer Daniel Ágúst Haraldsson stressed out - it’s been too long, and the crowd agreed with an outcry.

GusGus last visited Latvia in 2015, as a part of Open Air festival. Now they’ve come back again to please electronic music scene’s enthusiasts with their 10th studio album ‘Lies are more flexible’ tour, organized by L Tips Agency at Palladium.

While the line-up of the group has experienced yet another shift, leaving the two founding members in charge, the music, that they continue to bring to their fans, remains engaging as ever.

Daniel and Biggi started off ‘Don’t know how to love’, ‘Featherlight’ and ‘Fireworks’ from the 10th studio album they released on February 23rd, and stole everyones sanity with ‘Arabian horse’, which, after all this time, has secured a sweet spot in listener hearts. The new songs fused with the old ones, proving that their music is timeless.

GusGus has decorated the electronic music scene for 23 years and have become known for their high-energy live performances. Once the band performed ‘Moss’ as a last song, Daniel and Biggi left us all high on love for them and their eclectic electronic sound.

Be ready Vilnius / Minsk, GusGus is coming your way. You won’t need a front row seat for this one, just be ready to put your phones down and your dancing shoes on.

< Helena Zakare >

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